Arduino, Raspberry Pi

The Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware, prototyping platform, and software used to build electronics projects. With the Arduino,we can design and build devices that can interact with its surroundings.

Raspberry pi is a credit card sized PC and its main goal is being used by all over the world to learn programming. It is widely used in many areas, such as for weather monitoring, because of its low cost, modularity, and open design.

Course Highlights:

• Electronic components, circuits, and its designing
• Understanding C programming language
• Introduction about Microcontroller and its programming
• Familiarization of python language and its programming
• Basic to advanced Concepts on Raspberry Pi, Arduino
• Controlling Embedded System Based Devices using Arduino and Raspberry pi
• Software and Hardware Tools for Arduino
• Interfacing of Sensors and Actuators using Arduino and Raspberry pi
• Learn to develop a game with python

Course Duration : 2 month course ( 120hrs, 3hrs/day, 5days in week )